Creations {Graphic Design}

I finally got around to taking some photographs of some of my graphic design work. One of the companies I work for is an educational publishing company that helps LPNs become RNs, hence why everything has something to do with nursing.  The tutorial covers are one of my favorite things I have designed in the past 4 years because I can be as creative as possible. I create a different postcard for this company ever single month since 2006; it is a challenge to say the least to come up with something new every time. I have also designed several types of mailers and this is just showcasing a few.  I will be photographing more of my favorite pieces when they are finished and from some of the other companies I work for. Five years ago I received my degree in graphic design and I am still learning new things every day – just like photography. Trends change daily so working in the field of graphic design keeps me on my toes. I get my inspiration from fashion industry, interior design, and marketing trends. I love anything that involves being creative!

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