Kady + Travis Wedding | Monticello United Methodist Church | Pine View Resort

Kady and Travis were so easy to photograph and we had plenty of time to take the first look photos! Their wedding ceremony took place at Monticello United Methodist Church in Monticello, IN. The great thing about Monticello is the quaint downtown area and the Lake Shore Drive-In!! There aren’t very many drive-in theaters around anymore so I was so happy we could take photos in front of this one. Plus the downtown area had red siding one of the buildings that looked like a barn or just a really, really long barn. I loved the photo so much that I used it as the main image on my business cards! When I said that they were easy to photograph, they were almost too easy; they are naturals at getting their photo taken. Kady even wore sparkly Toms as her wedding shoes – how fun!  Kady and Travis had their reception at the Pine View Golf Resort in Monticello where cupcakes were the dessert of choice.  Thank you both for letting me be a part of your wonderful day!

Monticello, IN wedding

Monticello, IN wedding

Monticello, IN wedding

Lake Shore Drive In wedding Monticello, IN


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