Baby Ashton | Newborn Indianapolis Photographer

Oh Ashton was such a good baby! He slept like a champ for me! It also helped when his parents followed my instructions too 😉 Ashley and Shawn are friends of mine, and I am just so happy for them! I actually hung out with them the day before Ashley went into labor, and all of their family and friends were anxious for baby Ashton’s arrival.

Have I said how much I love chubby babies? Ashton doesn’t even look chubby to me, more like healthy. He was just too precious. His cord actually fell off during the session! I was stunned only because my little guy’s cord too 2 weeks to fall off. Ashton you are very loved by your parents. Congratulations you guys!

DSC_0026_copy DSC_0141_copy DSC_0153_bw DSC_0183_copy DSC_0202_copy DSC_0269_copy DSC_0330_bw DSC_0428_bw

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