The Clark Family | Indianapolis Photographer | Sarah Hill Shootout

I’m always looking for ways to improve my photography by taking workshops and shootouts held by other photographers. It is a great way to grow and learn in this profession. Last night I attending a shootout with the wonderful photographer Sarah Hill. She takes my personal photos because I love her style so I thought why not learn how she does this. She taught us how to pose families, parents and the dads who can sometimes need a little more direction. She also taught us how to shoot gorgeous backlit compositions. Life changing. I’m so excited to do more family photos after this shootout! I also met so many nice photographers from Indiana, Illinois and Tennessee.

The Clark family is model worthy. The kids were so well behaved and so darn cute!! My favorite part was probably in the creek where the kids just got to have fun. Kelsey and Kevin are so in love; you can see it in the photos. There was one point where all of us photographers were walking away to move to the next spot and Kelsey and Kevin were still kissing in the water.

Thank you Sarah for a wonderful learning experience! Any photographer who is thinking about doing a workshop or shootout with Sarah, just do it already.

JVP_9744 JVP_9858_bw JVP_9890 JVP_0008 JVP_0114_bw JVP_0099 JVP_9554 JVP_9574_bw JVP_9719 JVP_9826 JVP_9932 JVP_9476 JVP_9449 JVP_9867 JVP_9972 JVP_0167 JVP_0058 JVP_0214 JVP_0455 JVP_0546_bw JVP_0311 JVP_0296 JVP_0364 JVP_0428_bw JVP_0502 JVP_0078 JVP_0041 JVP_9623

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