Heather + Ellie | Mommy + Me Session | Indianapolis, IN

Heather and Ellie have this mom and daughter bond like no other; they are just alike. Both smiling and laughing all the time even though life can be difficult at times for them. Ellie is the light of Heather’s life; she would do anything for her.

If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Ellie, you would know she has quite the personality! She is a spunky little girl who can hang with the boys. I brought my son Gavin along so they could play together afterwards, and let’s just say they got along very well. She brought along her “ducky” animal so of course I had to get some photos of her with it! This little girl is going to be a leader of some sort when she is older – I just know it!

Thank you Heather for allowing me to capture the bond between two of you every year. It really does bring me joy to see your eyes light up when Ellie calls your name.

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