Darby and John Wedding | The Sanctuary, Zionsville IN

Oh I cannot say enough good things about this wonderful couple! Darby and John live out in California so I first met Darby and her mom a few days before their wedding. Darby is so stylish and trendy – I mean look at her dress! Everyone who has seen these photos on my Facebook page comments on how unique and pretty her dress is.

Darby and John are a FUN couple so I wanted to capture their fun nature in their wedding photos. I think Darby was laughing the whole time which is awesome because you want to have fun on your wedding day right? 🙂 We were so worried the weather was going to be rainy because that was what was predicted for the weather that day. Good ole unpredictable Indiana weather turned out sunny; perfect for outdoor photos before the ceremony. I know I have said this a million times before, but doing the first look photos before the wedding ceremony is less stressful for everyone. Once the ceremony is over, you can actually enjoy your cocktail hour and visit with family and friends – afterall, they did come to your wedding to see you! I’m so happy that Darby and John took advantage of this so they could enjoy their wedding day.

I obviously don’t get to pick where couples choose to get married, but Darby and John did a great job of picking this venue out. The Sanctuary of Zionsville is an art gallery with a full bar! Downtown Zionsville is so cute and quaint too. Everyone is so friendly and helpful around there.

Enjoy 🙂

Venue: The Sanctuary of Zionsville

DJ: Sure Tones Entertainment

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