Fun Family Photo Session | IMA 100 acres

I decided to do a preview of this large family session in a blog instead of just posting the photos on Facebook. I have known this whole family for a while so it was a privilege for me to photograph them! I have been photographing the Geesaman’s since Karl was 5 months old and now he is a little over 2 years old. I love my regular clients; they are what make my job so much fun! Some of these family members haven’t had their pictures taken in quite a while so I wanted to make sure I captured those moments for them too. Enjoy!


JVP_6989 JVP_7128_bw JVP_7186 JVP_7029 JVP_6928 JVP_6909 JVP_6955 JVP_6941_copy JVP_6878 JVP_6908_bw JVP_6867 JVP_7301_bw JVP_7214 JVP_7202 JVP_7175 JVP_7163 JVP_7093_bw JVP_7059 JVP_7326 JVP_7381 JVP_7090 JVP_7405 JVP_7334 JVP_7348 JVP_7417 JVP_7629 JVP_7593 JVP_7549 JVP_7660_bw JVP_7393 JVP_7429


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