An Intimate Wedding {Indianapolis, IN}

Tina and Eric had an intimate wedding at their beautiful house in Indianapolis. They have an adorable daughter named Grace which you will see in most of the photos below. Their intimate wedding was filled with their closest family and friends. They decorated their dining room for the lovely ceremony. You can just tell that Tina and Eric adore each other and their precious daughter.

After the wedding was over, we went to the park next to their house to take some photos over with tall grasses and a small pond. It was so much fun for me because it was like doing a lifestyle photo shoot – kind of like the ones you see done in California 🙂 Thank you again Tina and Eric for letting me capture your intimate wedding!


  1. Renee Richins – I wish I could get married again and have you shoot our pothos. I love the one with the bride, groom, and bridal party with the mountains behind them. Looks like a shot right out of a magazine.

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